Credits go to the original parts makers.

Dlareh Masked - The Return

Armored up and secrets to have.

Aries - [Equinox]

Credits go to the original parts makers.

"Defender's Armor"

Not mine, just an armor strip.

"Mithril Armor"

Not mine, just a color edit.

"Paladin Armor"

Not mine, just edit and armor strip.

"Girl's Bestfriend Armor"

Not mine, just a color edit and armor strip.

"Arcane Armor"

Not mine just recolored and previously shaded by me.

"Justice Armor"

Not mine, just armor edit.

Dlareh - Armored

Would smooch a Ghast.

Ender Chrom

Don't know, don't ask. Just lots of FE and I.

Lunar [Remastered]

Color/shade edit.


I really liked the design, I just thought it needed some color-edit-shading.

Welcome to the Jungle

Another one bites the dust.

What Up Nerds?

You know the drill; a hopeful recolor + edit.

Mithril Battle Prince

Color edit, hair edit, and skin edit. More fantasy tests.

Of Diamonds and Pastel

First go about. Not my armor, not my hair, not my skin, just a whole lot of editing and sheets.

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