Infinite the Jackal if he was a human or something- mostly so I can play him as "Zero" n s...


more deceit

ya yeet- he has power cuffs now

deceit base

doop de doo

its deceit again

Deceit fixed

i did a woops


its him again uwu


more outfit shit

Deceit The Knight

but with flowers

Deceit The Knight

A Knight~


a different outfit ig

not mine

not mine saving for future use


Don't question it. Also, yes, it is vaguely based off of Deceit from Sanders Sides. Don't...

Mimi Ria

Idk what this is, i just found it in my creator thing and I shared it to make sure it was shared. If...

shinsou i guess

saving this

dark + edgy outfit im saving

Emo Hair

I just took Zane's hair and edited everything but the hair out

Lucifer 3

Lucifer with ears and tail ;P

Lucifer 2

lu without his wings


my oc based off of satan wee

Tom (Eddsworld)

Not mine, I just edited it.

steampunk girl or somthin

all components are not mine

ticci toby

not mah skin didn't make it but i made some edits i guess

Shinsou Peasant

Shinsou Base

Recolor Wolf Ears

not mine

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