i fixed it

my new skin

lancey (before the accedent)

wither boss guy

wither guy

anvil man

devils aurmor

dispite its name the devils aurmor is stronge than satan and is meant for saving the universe . sou...

my xbox 360 skin


generate random is a bad idea

guy in 40 years

future of guy

true serviver

robodan 3.0 last one



slap that look onto your face


BTW alex is a girl

Popularmos (evil version)

test skin

ok, i 'thought' this was ridic

ok, i 'thought' this was ridic

honeydews brother

robodan 2.0

this one is eqiped with emergency bow, iron sword,and of coarse wears his goggles

robodan 1.0

just incase he dies w'ell have a save him machine he can move and mine just like dan

updatd skin

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