a strawberry person that is a little bit like Bashur but is a strawberry and has a different persona...


the brother of Bashurverse and the richest melon

project Vamp (link costume)

Project has gone into the world of Hyrule to defeat Ganondorf with limk


a girl that loves endermen

monochromes the hedgehog

the evil space hedgehog


the new winner of the hunger games


the evil shadowy clone of shadoerider101

super dark shadoerider101

the super dark side of shadoerider101

young shadoerider101

the younger version of shadoerider101


a god of destruction

Tom McRedstone

the owner of Redstone labs

Daniel Leavesley

my best freind (he is like my brother)


it is israphel when he was alive

project ghost

the brother to both wolf and vamp

demonic samantha maxis

the one that controls the zombies

the Fenderman

an enderman has been set on fire with a side effect


a skin that i will use as a prototype or a template skin

Zombie HeroBrine

herobrine mixed with element 115

project vamp

a boy was turned into a vampire but now he wants revenge

zombie soulder

a super zombie mixed with element 115


same as skindex

biker dude

a dude that likes to ride a bike

a zombie

a guy got infected

zombie soulder

a super zombie mixed with element 115

the zombie king

king of all zombies and is the most powerfulist of all

the HeroBrine

same as before but even more badass

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