Marcus Holloway (Grey outfit)

Main character of Watch_Dogs 2 in a grey outfit from the game

Don't Take

Just a reupload of my "me" template. I'm just putting it here so I can easily get to...

Captain Hammer

Not sure if he should be in the Heroes or Villains category to be honest.

Dr. Horrible (Evil League of Evil)

From Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, after he joins the Evil League of Evil

Dr. Horrible

From Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Decidueye (Human Form)

I was inspired by WafflesGotGame's "AshGreninja Not Shiny" to make a human form of a...

(save) Decent Black Jeans

All the jeans are torn, what the heck

BotW Link Naked

When you have no clothes, you wear this.

BotW Link Climbing Gear

Everything but the bandana because it's dumb

BotW Link Knight's Armor

The full Knight's Armor set without the helmet because it looks dumb

Steampunk Gloves

Just saving these, all credit to creator

Absolver Start

Starting equipment from the game Absolver

Saved Light Skin Base

Just saving

3-Stack Link

From that game where you have 3 Links

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight P1. Please don't take without credit, as I worked really hard on this one.

Shovel Knight P2

P2 Shovel Knight. Just a re-color of the other, and again, please don't take without credit.

Spring Man

Arms can't actually be just springs in-game; it'll show up black where it should be transp...

Me In Modified Alex Outfit

A decent pair of jeans

Saved with slight modification

YouTube Boy

Personification of YouTube

Re-save with modimificattended

I took the hoodie and made it dark and removed the design

Saved Shirt

I took it from somewhere and removed the design


The gamer from the couch with the equipment from the game


slightly less emo


with eyebrows


Don't lay a finger on my nineball island butterfinger

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