I'am like Kamerzysta



be like naruto!


it's very interesting

itsstumpy bond

fixed version!

GUCCI BAG kamerzysta

ItsStumpyy Bond

its me with the cool suit

Stumpy with nice hoodie

I'love this hoodie

Cal Stumpyy

It's me with Cal Kestis suit

Rubik's Cube

ready for the next puzzle?

cammo Stumpyy

it's me in cammo suit

BETTER creeper t-shirt

it's only t-shirt

Stumpy as a Jedi

It's me going to galactic war

stumpyy noob

i'm so nooby!

sherloc stumpyy

I'm on the trail

Steve warrior

it's Steve . Steve is warrior . be like Steve

stumpyy DJ

it's me with the marshmello mask

bald stumpyy

oh no! where is my hair!?

LEGO guy

it's LEGO time


it look's really nice!

pig stumpyy

hmm ... something doesn't fit here ...



belligerent chicken

it's a chicken that goes to war

rich dude

itsstumpy with the clothes of flagship brands


I love carrots be*ch

remake swimming dude

sorry it's fixed version

swimming dude

it's me in swiming pool

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