purpul person lvl4a

team historic past purpul (age of iron-golden age)

homer lvl1

team homer

red spy dimensions rainbow tf3

a spy god of (timeline,dimensions and universe)

red spy death red tf3

the spy contorld the timeline to make freedom for the villan of life

red spy platinum tf3

spy will save nature for the battale of time past and future of historic

red spy gold tf3

the spy cybord is the future of tf3 from far far far far away!

red spy silver tf3

spy have a upgeata clock machine,a scouter with a heard plus and 2 reganeration plate.

caveman lvlMAXbbab

team caveman (black person earths)

caveman lvlMAXbbaa

team caveman (darknes space allie)

caveman lvl9bba

team caveman (perdarker space allie)

caveman lvlMAXabab

team caveman (fine earth)

caveman lvlMAXabaa

team caveman (perspace allie 3)

caveman lvl9aba

team caveman (perspace allie 2)

caveman lvlMAXaaba

team caveman (forest coline)

caveman lvlMAXaabb

team caveman (outdatae evoltion)

caveman lvl9aab

team caveman (animal safeter)

caveman lvlMAXbaba

team caveman (the corsto king)

caveman lvlMAXbabb

team caveman (blood steam)

caveman lvl9bab

team caveman (line of corsto)

caveman lvlMAXbaab

team caveman (all new tecknolgy)

caveman lvlMAXbaaa

team caveman (more new tecknolgy)

caveman lvl9baa

team caveman (more new tecknolgy)

caveman lvlMAXbbbb

team caveman (the big water)

caveman lvlMAXbbba

team caveman (new ice age)

caveman lvl9bbb

team caveman (the ice dohume)

caveman lvlMAXabba

team caveman (si-fi robot nature)

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